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BGM ARCHITECTURE consists of academically educated planners, architects & landscape architects and an independent, highly specialized team. Has all the technical and organizational skills necessary to solve tasks, regardless of their size or complexity.



Each task is different: size, ID, and location. Landscape, buildings and traffic structure. Based on an analysis of the urban and landscape character of a place, we are trying to develop a special landscape idea that will provide variety and experience but at the same time is beautiful and durable.



The projects are consistent with the general creative term of the application - clear, simple and stylish. Our life and our efforts; poetic, but also functional and reliable, to create solutions in collaboration with customers and users.

About us

For us, landscape is an integral part of the experience and liveability on a community.

BGM Design was founded in 2008 by Architect Begüm ERYILMAZ in order to transfer the application experience in the plant sector to the projecting stage. BGM Design, with its professional team, has carried out international and global projects in many countries such as Italy, England, Libya, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The main purpose of the firm is to be able to help all kinds of services from the conceptual landscape project to the partner firm in the process up to the application. With our professional team of Architects and Landscape architects; we are working on major architectural projects together with the leading architect firms all over the world.


Our Achievements

BGM ARCHITECTURE, based in Istanbul TURKEY, with a branch in Victoria CANADA, is based on a strong professional vision of creating functional, beautiful plans and landscapes for today and tomorrow. We believe that the best results are achieved through teamwork and interdisciplinary networks. BGM ARCHITECTURE has worked with precision and professionalism in global and international projects, from London, Kazakhstan - Astana to Libya, across continents and across professional borders.


Recent Projects


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